A limited-edition smoked ox cheek pie with braised red peppers, chickpeas and onions, bound together with lashings of TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce, fragrant spices and a bone marrow centre, encased in a signature Willy’s Pies suet crust. Available nationwide with free delivery, this bake-at-home pie has been created as a collaboration between Lee Tiernan of Black Axe Mangal, Willy’s Pies and TABASCO® Brand to bring the much-loved match day pie to your couch. £1 from every pie will be donated to Hospitality Action.


As well as the pie, there are (off)sides of TABASCO® Sauce-spiced pickled red cabbage and sumac onions and a side of yoghurt. And in addition, the kit contains a pastry brush for a DIY egg wash and a football scarf made for the collaboration. There are limited numbers available to order via Big Night.


  • The pies come ready to bake, so set your oven to 180°C, get them in there for 40 minutes. Will serve 2.

    Store the pie for up to two days in the fridge, or freeze for up to two weeks.




    Ox cheek, roasted red pepper, chickpea, onions, TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce, bibbar paste, tomato puree, garlic, star anise, cumin, caraway, coriander, fennel, parsley, bone marrow. May contain traces of nuts.


    Pie Crust

    Beef suet, flour, salt, water, milk. May contain traces of nuts.


    TABASCO® Sauce-spiced pickled red cabbage

    Red cabbage, red wine vinegar, TABASCO® Sauce. May contain traces of nuts.


    Sumac Onions

    White onions, sumac. May contain traces of nuts


    Yoghurt Pot
    Yoghurt, lemon, sumac. May contain traces of nuts



    Pastry brush, footy scarf