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Willy's Pies, The Story

Willy’s Pies was an idea I'd had for a while. When lockdown hit, it was the perfect time to make it happen.


A banging pie for me, runs deep. Throughout my childhood, pies were a weekly staple in my family. Whether straight from the freezer aisle or a Christmas leftover pie; it was, and always will be, a winner. It’s an old British tradition that’s dying out in the south of England and I want to help keep it alive.


Knocking out the pies from my pokey home kitchen in Leyton, things have escalated quickly. Despite the growing demand and moving into a commercial kitchen, every single pie is made by me. You might even catch me on the odd delivery too. 


I’ve worked at some of London’s top restaurants, grafting in kitchens at Brat, St. John Bread and Wine, and Rochelle Canteen. My appreciation of quality ingredients and cooking with the seasons comes from experience at each one of those restaurants, all now reflected in a monthly changing menu of pies and tarts at Willy’s Pies.


Feeding north, east, south, and west London, Willy’s Pies delivers directly to your door to cook at your own convenience. Big up to anyone ordering Willy’s Pies, enjoy.

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